Thursday, 4 March 2021

NEW & Trendy Instagrammable Cafe in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

If you think KL is the only place where you can find unlimited modern cafes, check again. 

Because if you are staying in Negeri Sembilan and think that we have limited choice for food hunting,  then it's time to explore more. Cannot cross states no problem cause we already have many good things here! (except Book Xcess ... and maybe some more...)

Recently, I just knew about this one cafe in Nilai that has the same vibes as Pokok KL but with a bigger space and tastier food. Wohoo. 

They are called Gastro Hub. Cool name. So, what's good about GH cafe? Let's find out!

1. Nice, nice location and space

It's located in Nilai, around 15 minutes drive from Seremban and 40 minutes to KL. From the Nilai tol, you will reach there in 5 to 10 minutes. Very easy to find if you use Maps, or even it's your first time there. For me, it's a good location because it's quite isolated from the busy streets. It also reminded me of  Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. 

The parking area is big and there's no need for you to race for parking. Plus, the ground is still super rocky so you need to be careful not to hurt your tires.

2. Tons choices of food!

This is my first time here with my friend, and I'm sure this is not the last because the food is supahh marvelous! Not all menu is up to my taste, but most of it are really good! Especially the Seafood Spagheti(RM19++)  and Black Pepper Lamb Shank (RM25++). 5/5! I can't stop eating both the spageti and lamb because it tastes SOO DAMN GOOD ! And they came in huge portion guys!

(Please check the exact price on GH's IG cause this is my estimation based on my left memories)

I also ordered the Chili Crab with Mantou Bread (RM25++) but didn't really like it. It tastes a bit salty, not spicy and maybe I'm just not clique with Mr. Crabs. >,< But the presentation is definitely mouth-watering! You guys can check out my friend's IG Anys Sophia cause she posted food video there. 

3. Nature and cozy vibes

Definitely, the perfect place to update your new Instagram picture. Every angle has good lighting and cozy furniture. The food just tastes better when you eat in here. 

Want to spend your chill-out weekend here with family and BFFs? Go check out their IG and FB! : Gastrohub ! :D 

Gastrohub, Lot 27449 Jalan BBN 5/1A 
Bandar Baru Nilai 71800 Nilai, 
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Operating Hour:
3:00 pm - 10:30pm

What do you want to read next? Tell in the comment section! Till then!