Thursday, 4 March 2021

NEW & Trendy Instagrammable Cafe in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

If you think KL is the only place where you can find unlimited modern cafes, check again. 

Because if you are staying in Negeri Sembilan and think that we have limited choice for food hunting,  then it's time to explore more. Cannot cross states no problem cause we already have many good things here! (except Book Xcess ... and maybe some more...)

Recently, I just knew about this one cafe in Nilai that has the same vibes as Pokok KL but with a bigger space and tastier food. Wohoo. 

They are called Gastro Hub. Cool name. So, what's good about GH cafe? Let's find out!

1. Nice, nice location and space

It's located in Nilai, around 15 minutes drive from Seremban and 40 minutes to KL. From the Nilai tol, you will reach there in 5 to 10 minutes. Very easy to find if you use Maps, or even it's your first time there. For me, it's a good location because it's quite isolated from the busy streets. It also reminded me of  Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. 

The parking area is big and there's no need for you to race for parking. Plus, the ground is still super rocky so you need to be careful not to hurt your tires.

2. Tons choices of food!

This is my first time here with my friend, and I'm sure this is not the last because the food is supahh marvelous! Not all menu is up to my taste, but most of it are really good! Especially the Seafood Spagheti(RM19++)  and Black Pepper Lamb Shank (RM25++). 5/5! I can't stop eating both the spageti and lamb because it tastes SOO DAMN GOOD ! And they came in huge portion guys!

(Please check the exact price on GH's IG cause this is my estimation based on my left memories)

I also ordered the Chili Crab with Mantou Bread (RM25++) but didn't really like it. It tastes a bit salty, not spicy and maybe I'm just not clique with Mr. Crabs. >,< But the presentation is definitely mouth-watering! You guys can check out my friend's IG Anys Sophia cause she posted food video there. 

3. Nature and cozy vibes

Definitely, the perfect place to update your new Instagram picture. Every angle has good lighting and cozy furniture. The food just tastes better when you eat in here. 

Want to spend your chill-out weekend here with family and BFFs? Go check out their IG and FB! : Gastrohub ! :D 

Gastrohub, Lot 27449 Jalan BBN 5/1A 
Bandar Baru Nilai 71800 Nilai, 
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Operating Hour:
3:00 pm - 10:30pm

What do you want to read next? Tell in the comment section! Till then!

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

SKINCARE: Young, Radiant, & Glow: Mary Kay Timewise Miracle 3D (REVIEW)

One great way to maintain your skin young, radiant, and healthy is by using a good skincare product. As our skin is the largest barrier against infection, having a proper skincare routine will make our skin healthier and moisture which lead to a strong skin barrier. 

Let's get to know one of the great anti-aging products from Mary Kay, Timewise Miracle 3D. I've been using this anti-aging skincare set for one year and a half. The results are amazing and this is my review. Stay with me until the end to see my changes of skin, before and after! :D

-My skincare is my foundation-

What does my skin feels like after using Timewise Miracle 3D? I really love the rich texture of the Cleanser! It makes my skin feels smoother, silky, brighter, and younger! This set comes with two formulas; Dry to Normal (D/N) and Combination to Oily (C/0). I've tried both formulas and I love Normal to Dry formula better because the texture is creamy while the C/O formula is gel in texture.

Ever since I used Timewise 3D skincare, I've been receiving many feedbacks from my friends who say that my skin looks a lot smoother and brighter than before.

Disclaimer: I'll recommend this product to people who have a similar skin type and condition as mine. The ingredients used are safe, high in antioxidants, and most importantly it's FDA-approved. This product might work or might not work for you. Keep reading and be informed! :)

First, my skin type is a combination. Previously I have serious skin problems like dullness, dry, blackhead, whitehead, uneven skin tone, redness, and bumps around my cheek. 

And all of these problems are visible when I'm not using any makeup. For someone who doesn't like to put such a heavy makeup on the face and rather choose a more natural look, having a dull skin doesn't really help. 

After using Timewise Miracle 3D for 2 weeks, these are the results.

Skin appears softer and brighter

Makeup looks smoother and glowing

When I first used Timewise Miracle 3D Cleanser for two weeks, I woke up every morning caressing my skin. Don't mean to exaggerate but it's like touching a baby's skin. 😙 It made me feels good. XD My skin becomes super smooth! (1)

Then, I looked in the mirror and saw that my skin becomes brighter. The best part is when the red bumps are completely gone! (2) When I came to work that morning, my colleague asked, what did I do with my face today. I was clueless but explained that I did nothing special or even put on extra makeup. (If you know me, sis, I'm the laziest) 

She said that my skin looks softer and not cakey like usual. (!!!!) I don't know should I feel happy or sad thinking about how my skin looks like before... But of course, I'm happy. :D Two weeks! THAT'S THE FIRST BEST FEEDBACK I'VE RECEIVED! 

So, what are the powerful ingredients used in this set? As you know, Mary Kay Timewise Miracle range is only targeted for 24 years old and above. This is the perfect choice for someone who wants to start using skincare that gives anti-aging and brightening benefits.

In this full set, you'll get:

  • TimeWise Age Minimize 3D 4-in-1 Cleanser (RM 115)
  • Timewise Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen/Non-SPF for sensitive skin (RM 139)
  • Timewise Age Minimize 3D Night Cream(RM 139)
  • Timewise Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream (RM 135)

Every product includes ingredients like encapsulated resveratrol, vitamin B3, and an age-defying peptide that helps to reduce bumps on your skin, brighten uneven skin one, and prevent early signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. No wonder Timewise Miracle 3D was listed by as one of the best science-backed products that help you aging better. :D

The best thing I want to share about the Cleanser is that it has 4-in-1 benefits. That's the most convenient choice for me as I like to keep things simple.

The 4-in-1 benefits are; 
(1) It cleanses your skin from specks of dirt and protects from free radicals.
(2) It mild exfoliates while removing dead skin cells that caused dullness. Your skin will appear smoother.
(3) It brightens the skin and helps improve uneven skin tone.
(4) It delays early signs of aging and helps boost collagen production, as well as reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

As someone who has an active lifestyle, having a skincare product that takes care of your skin to age beautifully is definitely a worth investment!

So, are you ready to age beautifully from within? :D Click the "SHOP" button link above FOR MORE INFORMATION or contact any Mary Kay Beauty Consultant at your place to place an order. :)

IMPORTANT: (If your skin is sensitive and you have used mercury products a year or two years before, I'll recommend you to seek advice from a medical doctor or Mary Kay Beauty Consultants before using it)

Let me know in the comments section what other Mary Kay products that you want me to review and share? :

Monday, 17 August 2020

Pulau Redang Vacation

The beach is calling and I must go ~

Imagine you are on the island, sitting quietly looking at the beautiful bluish-greenish sea. You are alone and want someone to talk to.  Suddenly, your crush who looks like Reza Rahadian walks by the sea. He noticed you. And he smiled. :)

(let me gantung this story here)

Btw, Who's missing the beach? :D

I bet YOU do. Planning for your next vacation to the island? Let's keep reading to see what's happening around Redang Island after tourism industry is back at business again! >,< (This is from my diary notes)


Antara pulau yang menjadi perhatian pengunjung untuk bercuti kali ini semestinya pulau-pulau di Terengganu. Sejak sektor pelancongan dibuka semula pada awal Jun lalu, penginapan hotel dan resort serta tempat pelancongan terkenal sentiasa dipenuhi pengunjung setiap minggu. 

Aku adalah antara orang yang teruja untuk bercuti dan menikmati semula keindahan bumi Malaysia setelah berbulan-bulan terkurung di rumah. So, dari 10 hb hingga 14 hb Ogos, aku bersama kakakku dan kawan-kawannya menikmati percutian indah di Pulau Redang, pulau tercantik di negeri Terengganu ini, selain Pulau Kapas dan Pulau Perhentian yang juga merupakan destinasi kegemaran ramai.

As usual, sebelum nak bercuti, kenalah sediakan barang keperluan seperti alat snorkeling, baju mandi, baju OOTD, dan sebagainya. Ini kali pertama aku beli set snorkeling baru sebab selalunya sewa je kat pulau. Ini juga kali pertama aku pergi ke Sport Direct! Tak sangka seronok juga cuci mata kat SD ni. Semua pakaian sukan ada daripada baju renang, baju jogging, hiking dan semuanya serba lengkap ! 


Kami bertolak dari TBS ke Terengganu dengan bas malam pukul 11. Sampai di Stesen Kuala Terengganu dalam pukul 5 pagi. Pengalaman aku naik bas so far best sebab aku suka perjalanan jauh sambil tengok jalan raya. Paling penting dalam bas sekarang ada tempat pengecas handphone, so tak perlu risau dah kalau bateri phone atau power bank korang habis.. Kali ni, aku pergi naik bas Adik Beradik Trip dan balik dengan bas Sani Express. Dua2 ada tempat caj handphone. 

Day 1 (Selasa) 


5-6 pagi: Tiba di Stesen Bas Terengganu dan bersiap di hotel. 
7-8 pagi: Sarapan dan bertolak ke Jeti Syahbandar. 

Sampai2 je awal pagi tu kami ke hotel berdekatan yang sudah ditempah kawan akak aku untuk tumpang bersiap dan solat. Kemudian, kami naik kereta untuk pergi bersarapan. Aku makan nasi lemak pagi tu sebab nasi dagang dah habis. 

Lepas bersarapan, kami bertolak ke Jeti Syahbandar untuk ke pulau. Hari itu hari biasa tetapi jeti dipenuhi ramai orang yang bercuti. Kebanyakan mereka bawa bag bagasi besar. Macam nak bercuti ke oversea.


Tak sampai setengah jam selepas ambil tiket kat kaunter, kami pun bergerak masuk ke dalam feri. Perjalanan daripada jeti ke Pulau Redang ambil masa sekitar 1 jam setengah. Sempatlah tidur dan berangan sebelum sampai.  

9.30-11.00 pagi: Bertolak ke Pulau Redang 
2.30-4.30 petang: Open Sea Snorkeling 

Sebelum sampai ke resort pula, semua penumpang perlu bertukar ke feri lain yang akan membawa ke persisiran pantai resort. Selepas semua penumpang dah beralih masuk, pekerja feri akan mengalihkan bag-bag penumpang ke dalam feri. Terima kasih abang-abang feri yang bertungkus lumus membawa dan menjaga bag-bag kami yang beratnya seperti guni. 

Tiba di Long beach

Sebelum check-in.

Berehat di pondok

Aktiviti hari pertama kami adalah Open Sea Snorkeling. Dah lama juga aku tak snorkeling. Kali terakhir snorkeling rasanya masa pergi Pulau Perhentian empat tahun lepas. Hari tu tak adalah excited sangat nak snorkeling sebab masih rasa penat. 

Kami dibawa ke Pantai Teluk Kalong untuk aktiviti snorkeling. Mungkin disebabkan cuaca yang sangat panas dan terlalu ramai orang buat aku rasa malas untuk terjun ke dalam laut. Tapi akhirnya aku buat keputusan untuk terjun juga. Lepas 15 minit naik balik sebab dah tercungap-cungap. Dan yang paling bijak, iPhone yang aku letak dalam phone casing plastik dah basah. Aku pun rilek je keringkan phone yang dah mati tu. Tak rasa nak main phone masa tengah bercuti ini, so tak adalah rasa gelabah ke apa. Ambil gambar pun guna handphone akak aku je.

(Tapi selepas balik bercuti, aku terus pergi ke kedai di Seremban 2 untuk betulkan skrin iPhone yang dah mati. Kalau ikutkan hati, malas nak betulkan. Nak upload gambar punya pasal dan banyak benda penting dalam phone, aku betulkan lah juga. Alhamdulillah masih ada rezeki untuk betulkan phone yang rosak yang memakan kos RM 150). 

4.30 petang: Makan petang, aktiviti bebas 
7.00 malam: Makan malam BBQ

Selesai aktiviti snorkeling, kami minum petang dengan cekodok pisang manis dan teh tarik panas di pondok pokok kelapa ditemani baju yang basah dan penuh berpasir. Sebelum balik bilik, aku sempat beli beras RM3 daripada cafe resort untuk keringkan phone.  


Aku dan cekodok pisang

Malam tu, kami dinner BBQ yang disediakan dalam pakej resort. Sekali lagi, kami makan di pondok berhadapan pantai yang romantik. Ada ayam bakar, sotong, ikan, salad, dan nasi goreng. Alhamdulillah sedap sangat dan kenyang.  


 Lepas makan, ingat nak berjalan-jalan sekitar pantai, tetapi hujan turun lebat. Akhirnya, lepak je dalam bilik sambil dengar lagu Babyface. Oh, kawan akak aku pinjamkan iPhone 5 dia yang dah tak guna dan  terbawa masuk dalam bag. Nasib baik ada iPhone 5 sebagai peneman sementara. 

Day 2 (Rabu) 

Hari kedua lebih simple. Pagi dan petang tu ada aktiviti snorkeling tapi dua-dua sesi aku tak pergi. Malas. Nak rileks. So lepas breakfast, aku lepak sendirian di pantai. The best feeling ever.

7.00 pagi: Sarapan
 9:00 pagi - 12 tengah hari: Snorkeling (tapi aku tak join) Dengar lagu, berjalan-jalan, people-watching

Pagi-pagi ni best sikit nak lepak sebab sunyi tak ramai orang. Mula-mula, aku berjalan ke resort2 sebelah. Pemandangan pantai sangat indah dan tenang. Air laut yang berwarna kehijau-hijauan sangat mendamaikan mata yang memandang. Ada beberapa remaja cina lelaki dan perempuan sedang bergambar sekitar pantai. Seronok aku tengok diorang ni rajin bergambar. Masing-masing saling membantu untuk ambil gambar terbaik. 

Bagi aku, untuk pergi bercuti, wajib untuk bawa kawan-kawan yang sekepala contohnya suka sangat bergambar. Kalau tak sekepala, contohnya kalau kita seorang je suka bergambar tapi yang lain biasa-biasa je, semangatnya dah lain. Kita je yang beria dan akhirnya rasa tak syok untuk minta tolong orang lain ambil gambar sebab risau memenatkan dia atau mungkin dia merungut dalam hati. Kalau aku, aku suka tolong ambilkan gambar orang lain sebanyak mana pun dia nak sebab aku pun sama macam tu.  

Lepas berjalan sekitar resort sebelah, aku balik ke area resort aku dan lepak atas jaring pokok pula. Aku tinggal di Lagoon Resort yang majoritinya pengunjung tempatan. Dalam pukul 10 ke 11 macam tu, aku balik ke bilik untuk mandi dan bersiap untuk keluar lunch dan jalan-jalan lagi. 

12.00 tengah hari: Lunch 

Makan tengah hari biasa-biasa je. Nasi putih dengan lauk ayam, telur, ikan dan sayur. Sedap biasa-biasa dan memuaskan. Yang lain baru balik snorkeling dan terus lunch. Diorang kata snorkeling pagi biasa-biasa je sebab tak pergi ke Marine Park pun. Diorang ingat dapat ke Marine Park tapi dibawa ke tempat lain pula. Aku tak sure kenapa. 

1.00 tengah hari: Tidur lepak dalam bilik sebab kat luar terlalu panas dan terik. 
2.30 petang - 6:00 petang: Rileks2 kat pondok, ambil gambar, pergi melawat resort lain, and snacking time. 

Pukul 2.30 petang ada aktiviti snorkeling tapi kitorang semua tak pergi.  


Waktu petang ni kitorang banyak lepak, makan snacks dan tengok orang. Awalnya nak cuba berkayak tapi sekali lagi malas menerpa. Hahaha. Aku rasa ni memang percutian paling rileks tanpa keluarkan tenaga yang banyak.

Sambil duduk kat pondok, aku layan mekap Waterproof Lash Love Mascara Mary Kay. Baru aku perasan mascara ni memang best dan terbaik sebab langsung tak comot dan tahan lama. Selalunya aku guna Lash Intensity Mascara yang lebih lebat. Kalau nak pergi pantai, memang terbaik guna mascara waterproof macam ni sebab langsung tak cair. Eyelash pun cantik je menegak. 


Lepas main dengan mekap dan buat video sikit, aku makan choco rice NIMS yang sedap teramat ni! Aku rasa ini choco rice paling sedap aku pernah makan sebab aku makan non-stop. Dah rasa sekali, nak lagi dan lagi. Portion choco rice ni punyalah besar tak tahu bila boleh habis. Choco rice ni adik kawan akak aku yang bawa sebab dia jual. Aku jadi berminat sangat dengan choco rice ni sebab sedap! Superb! Perfect la! Rasa dia tak muak langsung, choco rice nya rangup sangat2, dan coklat cair yang betul2 cukup and just nice. Tak terlalu sikit tak terlalu banyak. Nice balance tu yang aku rasa buat dia bertambah sedap. Serius recommended !

Lepas tu, kitorang jalan-jalan pantai sebelah dan duduk dekat meja lepak orang ramai. Kitorang minum coconut shake sambil tengok orang lalu lalang. Masa ni, aku ingat nak reka watak-watak menarik dalam kepala aku. Aku ternampak tiga orang jejaka yang duduk minum coconut shake dekat kerusi hujung. Salah seorang tu menarik perhatian aku. Sebab dia aktif berborak dengan orang sekeliling, dan macam peramah. 

Minum coconut shake depan pantai

Dekat sini la orang ramai lepak

Kedai coconut shake

Aku bagi nama dia Zaki (bukan nama sebenar). Dia ni berkulit cerah, badan sasa, bermata bulat, dan pakai non-sleeve tshirt warna hitam. Kadang-kadang dia pakai shades untuk kelihatan lebih macho dan poyo. Bila dia buka shades, kepoyoannya lebih terserlah.  

Dia datang dengan dua orang kawan dia, Shah dan Meon. Shah ni macam cool-cool sikit tak banyak cakap, handsome juga. Meon pula macam seseorang yang menjadi penghibur dan lebih lasak daripada yang lain. Aku syak diorang ni diver atau baru sampai sebab sepanjang kat pantai, diver-diver yang lalu lalang akan berhenti kejap untuk tegur dan berborak dengan si Zaki dan 2 orang lagi. Mungkin diorang baru balik dari aktiviti diving sama-sama sebelah petang. 

Dah selesai usha, aku dengan kawan akak aku balik bilik sambil tinggalkan Zaki dan kawan-kawannya bersama-sama gadis pantai dan si penjual coconut shake yang sangat peramah. Dari awal sampai habis aku dengar cerita si penjual coconut shake tentang pulau dan resort ni. Mana resort paling mahal, paling murah. 

7:00 petang: Makan malam 

 Malam terakhir kitorang kat sini hujan juga tapi tengah2 malam sikit. So sebelah malam kitorang lepak2 tepi pantai dan baring tengok bintang, kemudian singgah ke resort lain, dan tengok blue sand.

Pasir biru

First time in my life dapat tengok hidupan pasir biru! Serius magic!

Tengok bintang sambil berbaring atas pantai (pic credit to owner)

Day 3 (Khamis) - Hari nak balik. 

6:00 -6:30 pagi: Bangun untuk tengok sunrise. Tapi tak ada pun sunrise.  Pagi ni kitorang ambil gambar waktu pagi yang cantik dan sejuk. Best sangat perasaan bangun pagi kalau tinggal dalam suasana ni hari2.


Lepas sarapan, aku masuk bilik untuk mandi dan bersiap. Kitorang kena check out pukul 10 pagi. 


Sebelum balik, sempat lagi bergambar.

Perjalanan balik dari pulau ke jeti rasa lebih cepat berbanding masa pergi. Sampai di jeti, kitorang naik kereta dan pergi makan tengah hari dekat Haji Pok Long ICT (Ikan Celup Tepung) di Pantai Teluk Ketapang. Ini kali kedua aku makan kat sini. 

Sebelum ni, roommate aku Qila yang tinggal di Terengganu bawa makan sini masa kitorang baru balik dari Pulau Kapas. So far, makanan dia okay je aku rasa. Aku tak minat sangat dengan ikan celup tepung, tapi ABC Special dan sotong goreng tepung kat sini memang terbaik!

Lepas tu, kitorang jalan-jalan ke Pasar Payang Baru dan Pantai Teluk Batik sebelum pulang ke KL dan Seremban.

Pasar Payang baru yang besar dan bersih

Itulah percutian rileks aku kali ini. Best, tenang serta menyembuhkan fikiran. Paling penting, dapat tengok ciptaaan Tuhan yang sangat hebat dan indah ini. 

Aku harap mereka yang baru balik dari percutian pulau juga dapat sedikit sebanyak meringankan beban fikiran masing-masing dan lebih tenang dan kuat menghadapi hari seterusnya.

So, itu je perkongsian aku kali ini. Jangan lupa follow post-post yang lain. Bye! 


Sunday, 26 July 2020

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Everyone's New K-Drama Obsession and Here's Why

Are you Kim Soo Hyun's fans or Seo Ye Ji’s fans? Whether you loved one of them before or love them both now, thanks to this newly kdrama series on Netlifx, It's Okay to Not Be Okay for showing us this amazing charismatic pair of the year!

Kim Soo Hyun, according to kGoogle, is the highest-paid Korean actor in 2020 with earnings of US$165,000 per episode = 200 million Korean Won=RM 690,000 Ringgit Malaysia. Rich rich rich!

Seo Ye Ji, is one of the rising actresses in Korea. She actually have been in many dramas before. Hwarang (where I first noticed her beauty), Save Me (amazing thriller drama) and the latest, It's Okay to Not Be Okay which probably becomes the booster for her worldwide popularity. She now  is one of our favourite actresses not only because of her unique charismatic voice, but also her great and stylish appearance.

Interesting fact: Both Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji has actually worked on a 30-seconds commercial together 6 years ago! They look good together! Do you agree?

And both are single :D

With the airing of Episode 11 yesterday, we are officially half-way through It's Okay To Not Be Okay. Either you are looking for a new K-Drama to lose yourself or escape from reality, this is one of the best Korean Dramas you should watch, and here's why.

Minor spoilers alert.

1. Amazing chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji

Midst Review: The Most Awaited Kiss Scene! Ep.11

Fans around the world have been waiting for this scene and it is totally worth the wait! One of the best romantic scenes ever!

Warning: You won't be watching this just once or twice.

Photo by tvN and Netflix

2. Loneliness and mental health issue lonely people can relate to

Photo by tvN and Netflix

Ko Mun Yeong (Seo Ye Ji) is an anti-social fairy-tale writer. On the other hand, Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) is a caregiver worker who takes care of his older brother who has autism spectrum disorder.

What's interesting about the series is how it highlights the mental health and hidden depression exist in the two characters for a long time. Despite her success and achievement for being an author, Ko Mun Yeong is still trapped in her past tragedies involving her parents and upbringing.

Photo by tvN and Netflix

While, Gang Tae who always needs to be attentive to his older brother, Sang Tae at all times must suppress his true feelings - for everyone's sake. Only then after he meets Ko Mun Yeong, he slowly wants to feel loved and happy again.

Photo by tvN and Netflix

Throughout the series, we can see the relationship between Gang Tae and Mun Yeong blossomed-from sleeping together separately to Gang Tae comforting Mun Yeong during one of her intense nightmares to him giving her a haircut and calling her "pretty".

Photo by tvN and Netflix

Photo by tvN and Netflix 

3. The love between two siblings

In this drama, Gang Tae really loved and takes care of his hyung Sang-Tae (acted by actor Oh Jung Se) in every painful situation. While growing up, Gang Tae always feels ignored, not loved by his mother who always focused more on his brother.

Despite his hurtful and sad memories, he always makes his brother the first priority.

4. Portray of an independent autistic

As a family of an autistic adult, Gang-Tae played a great role in developing his brother's skills to live independently. What's inspiring is Sang Tae is very capable of living on his own by earning his own pocket money through his drawing skills. 

Although most of the time Gang-Tae will make sure he is okay, through the end of this series, you can see that he too is growing into a better person. He becomes better in expressing himself and communicates clearly with other persons.

Sang Tae’s character is indeed interesting especially he even had his personal goal  which is to get his own money to buy a caravan.

There are four episodes to go! Are you one of the fans? :D 

Read more about this drama on: